Watertown — Authorities Investigate Death Caused by Methamphetamine

A medical emergency call was received from an area near Highway 81 and E Kemp Avenue on early Thursday around 2:30 a.m. Officers responded promptly.

Police officials reported that a woman, 41, experienced a medical reaction which led to full cardiac arrest after injecting the drug. Medics tried to resuscitate the victim, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Death was pronounced upon the arrival at a town’s hospital.

The investigation was immediately launched. Police authorities are waiting for results of the autopsy

The PD of Watertown released the announcement that although this drug was always harmful, the incident in question had markedly increased that concern. The authorities say that there is a danger that lethal methamphetamine is being sold in this area.

Watertown police requested that those who have any related information call them at 605-882-6210.

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