Swedish Climate Change Fighter Visits Dakota Reservations

A 16-year-old environmentalist, Greta Thunberg, renowned for her inspiring United Nations speech directed at world leaders, visited Dakota’s Native American reservations to participate in talks about the planned oil pipeline construction.

Young Swede started her tour in South Dakota where she joined a Sunday panel discussion in the Pine Ridge Reservation. After the Monday rally and march in Rapid City, sponsored by local organizations, her visit was wrapped-up by attending a similar climate debate on the North Dakota side of the Standing Rock Reservation on Tuesday.

The burning local environmental issue in South Dakota, according to the Lakota People’s Law Project, is the planned route of the Keystone XL pipeline. Similar problems are recognized in North Dakota, with an intended doubling of the flow through the existing Dakota Access pipeline.

After a two-week journey on a sailboat across the Atlantic, Thunberg came to the United States in August to promote her campaign against climate change.

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