Ride Through the Iconic Mickelson Trail

Hundreds of riders gather every year to progress through the railway turned biker trail. As it was out of use, the rail itself closed down in 1983, and construction of the trail commenced. Completed in 1998, the Mickelson Trail gives cyclists an opportunity to test their physical abilities while experiencing a part of the area’s history.

The original railway was created over a century ago to cater to the needs of those infected by the gold fever. Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, and naturally, General George A. Custer, are only some of the historical figures that journeyed on this path. The three-day event will have you travelling across slopes, through tunnels, and enjoying the scenic wonder of the Black Hills.

The trail brings in more people each year, so social butterflies will flourish in the environment. Make sure your friends and family know where you’ve gone, though, as the poor/ non-existent phone coverage might isolate you from the world.

Paying the registration fee for the event covers three meals and five snacks, a shuttle service, a dinner voucher that can be used at Hill City or Custer, and of course, a trail pass. Register and join hundreds who are content with the event they took part in.

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