Fun Mt. Rushmore Activities

If you haven’t seen the faces at Mt. Rushmore, at least on TV, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Not counting locals, around 2.5 million people visit the location each year. If you’re one of them, don’t allow yourself to be stranded with nothing to do.

We have some recommendations that’ll be useful for visitors as well as locals, who perhaps weren’t aware of the activities the place has to offer.

First, let’s go over the less physical activities, for those who just want a relaxing experience. Firstly, you can go visit the Sculptor’s Studio and find out more about the original vision. If you’re a summer visitor, you can go to the Evening Lighting Ceremony each night, for an experience that’ll bolster your sense of patriotism.

Next, you can visit the gift shop for a unique item that’ll help preserve your memory of the visit. But souvenirs aren’t the only thing you can purchase. Instead, you can go to the Mount Rushmore bookstores!

Alternatively, if you just need to cool down, hop over to the Carver’s Marketplace and get a refreshing Thomas Jefferson ice cream. It’s special since it’s the first ice cream recipe with the U.S. at its core.

And for those who prefer to stay on the move, there’s more than enough to do as well. They can trek along the Presidential Trail, exploring the environment. Photographers can take an alternative route and snap some unique pictures from places like the Carvers’ Marketplace and Sculptor’s Studio.

You’re never too old to become a junior ranger either. You can do this by participating in the Junior Ranger Program, available in digital and paper forms. Even if you’re not interested in becoming a ranger, the Ranger Walk or Talk can enhance your experience with the wisdom of the rangers. Alternatively, those who prefer a sense of individuality can organize a Self-Guided Tour, by simply renting a hand-held device, allowing for photo/video guidance.

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