Best Deadwood Halloween Events

Halloween is a time of joy and scares — adults dress up in costumes, and children ring on strangers’ doors. While in practice it might sound ridiculous, it’s all in the spirit of the great holiday.

Today, we see Halloween as a chance to carve pumpkins and put up scary decorations. However, it hasn’t always been like that. Actually, the holiday was originally meant for paying respects to the deceased, holy, and martyrs. Its roots have not yet been traced, but it’s believed to hail from Gaelic tradition.

But let’s live in today’s time. We celebrate Halloween by getting silly, and there’s no better way to do that than the following events.

Scare in the Square

Join one of South Dakota’s biggest public celebrations of the holiday as the Main Street Square of River City gets terrifying. Those public decorations are sure to bring joyful feelings to your heart, of a more careless time when you used to ask strangers for candy. But don’t let the joy get you too careless as a jumpscare might shake you right out of your boots.

Don’t forget to bring your kids since the River City Downtown Business Group has something special in store for them. Namely, they’re organizing a trick-or-treat, which is the most memorable section of the event for many.

Bring your candy though or else you might find yourself on the receiving end of a trick!

Chamber’s Crypt Haunted House

Many of us have visited a haunted house at a fair or a similar event. While they did scare us while we were children, they probably couldn’t do much now. Well, that’s why the Chamber’s House is different.

Children under ten not being recommended to venture down there by themselves should tell you enough. However, the courageous of you still might think they’d just walk through there with ease. We do commend your bravery but also would like to challenge that claim.

Chamber’s Crypt is no regular haunted house. It’s not in a tent, and it’s not a joyride. In fact, it’s located in the basement of the Sturgis Armory and is reminiscent of a scene straight out of a horror movie.

Still think you could go through unscathed? We welcome you to give it a try.


While kids love Halloween more than anyone else, it wouldn’t be fair if they got to have all the fun. That’s why Deadwood invites all its residents to join the Deadweird party. The massive event has it all — dress-up, music, and dancing.

But that’s not all of it. We know some of you like to go the extra mile with body paint and costumes. That’s why the event awards those who try the hardest. There’s a costume competition with the winners being able to take home up to ten thousand bucks.

That’s right — not only can you have a crazy fun night, but you can also profit off of it as well. Leave people in awe with your costume, and it’ll be well worth the time you spent crafting it.

It’s clear that you can find any sort of Halloween festivity at Deadwood, so head out and get freaky!

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