A Man, a Bear, a Festival

In a small town nearly 200 years ago, an event that would be remembered throughout history transpired. Namely, it’s a story of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman and fur trapper that managed to defeat a grizzly bear. As depicted in The Revenant, the man was left alone by the members of his expedition who were supposed to mend him back to health. Surviving against all conceivable odds, Glass managed to trek over 200 miles towards Fort Kiowa wounded and lacking in equipment. To make his deeds even more impressive, during the journey back, he also avoided attacks from Native Americans that were hostile at times.

Of course, the directors of the movie took some artistic liberties. For example, it’s unclear whether Fitzgerald and Bridger left Glass for dead due to thinking he was bound to die or a Native American assault. The Hugh Glass Rendezvous is a festival dedicated to celebrating what Glass managed to achieve. It’s located in the town of Lemmon, which used the popularity of The Revenant to launch the festival.

Enjoy camping, visiting art galleries and monuments, and the participants dressed in clothing suited for the period. There’s plenty of other activities too, so if you’re near Lemmon, you have no excuse not to come.

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