33rd Annual Black Hills Powwow

The event is set to last three full days, starting on October 11 and ending on October 13. Visitors can expect entertainment in the form of musical and dance performances among many others. Additionally, you can witness and even participate in one of the many athletic competitions.

The Black Hills Powwow is everything you’d expect from an event like this. An awe-inspiring display of culture, paired with all the energy that Native American voices, drums, and dances carry.

Respect is crucial at the powwow — remember that you are a spectator of a grand performance, and as such, you shouldn’t bother the performers. Always ask before trying to engage in physical contact or snap a picture of them, as they might be in the middle of something important.

More importantly, if a wardrobe malfunction were to occur, don’t jump in and help. The dancers will understand that you’re acting out of the best intentions, but by intercepting them, you might be doing more harm than good. Approach this issue differently. Simply notify them of what happened somehow, and they’ll fix it themselves.

Besides respecting individuals, you should also try and follow the traditional happenings. That involves standing up during the grand entrance and during songs of honor. Pay attention to the master of ceremonies, even if you’re unsure of what you should do since they will provide guidance.

The event is not only about admiring the rich Native American culture, but also a learning experience. You should keep your mind open and accept any learning opportunities as they come or are offered. Don’t be afraid to ask the powwow committee about anything you’re uncertain about — they’ll be glad to have the chance to teach you about their tradition.

So grab some tickets and head to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. You’ll go back home with both your knowledge enriched and a fantastic experience to talk about.

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