Sioux Falls — Light the Night

Thousands of survivors and supporters will gather on the evening of September 12. Their goal will be to commemorate, celebrate, and rally those who were lost or are still battling cancer.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society organizes this event, which doubles as a fundraiser. All those wishing to donate are highly encouraged to do so as their money is put to good use. The funds go to research, treatment, support services for patients, and many other sources aimed at aiding the battle against cancer.

The gathering will occur at Falls Park, the premier tourist destination of Sioux Falls. Visitors can enjoy food trucks as well as fun activities for all ages. What follows is an inspirational ceremony and impactful survivor circle. Those unfortunate enough to have lost a dear person will have the opportunity to honor them in the remembrance pavillion. When night falls, you’ll have the chance to walk under the memorable Light the Night lanterns as well as enjoy fireworks.

Create a memory of a lifetime and contribute to a noble cause by attending or donating to Light the Night.

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