September Signifies National Preparedness Month

Tornadoes, hurricanes, house fires, and floods all qualify as disasters.

Regardless of your place of residence, a disaster can happen at any moment.

September is marked as National Preparedness month, in the name of raising awareness of the importance of adequate preparations for any possible natural occurrence.

According to the Dakota County Emergency Manager, Deanna Hagberg, there is a wide range of possible causes of disasters, and almost anything can qualify. As stated by her, a disaster, if and when it happens, can prove to be rather devastating for a family, a whole neighborhood, or an entire community, unless people are prepared for such a situation.

You may happen to find yourself in a situation that requires you to survive by yourself following an emergency.

Every individual and every family alike must develop a plan of action. The first one would be assembling an emergency kit and place it somewhere where they can reach it without difficulties.

As stated by Hagberg, everyone ought to set aside a certain amount of money from each paycheck in order to buy something that would be useful in an emergency and put it in the kit. She says that soon enough the kit will contain enough items that are valuable in such situations, and that it facilitates the evacuation if there is a need for one.

Foods that are not perishable, as well as water, are highly important elements of the kit.

According to the Dakota County Emergency Manager, Deanna Hagberg, you must plan beyond the standard items.

Hagberg goes on to explain her statement by citing pets as an example, emphasizing the importance of having a kit prepared for a pet. Furthermore, she mentions medication, saying that if you have a condition that requires you to take certain medication on a daily basis, you need to have it at your disposal in case you find yourself without all the things you are used to having around you. Alternately, you must have enough medication for at least one week, according to Hagberg.

In case a disaster happens, and leaves you without electricity, you have to ensure that you are able to survive without it.

Hagberg points out that ATMs do not work if the power is out. She continues by saying that they highly advise people to always have extra cash at hand.

Another piece of advice regards preparing yourself for a situation in which you are unable to use your phone.

Hagberg highlights the significance of writing down important information, stating that one needs to make sure that their children, provided that they have them, have access to the same information.

Every week of the month deals with different aspects in the name of the cause:

The first week, September 1st through September 7th is dedicated to saving early in order to prepare for disaster costs.

The second week, September 8th through September 14th is dedicated to developing a plan to prepare for an emergency.

The third week, September 15th through September 21st is dedicated to instructing youth to prepare for an emergency.

The fourth and final week, September 22nd through September 30th is dedicated to getting involved in the preparedness of one’s community.

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