Magic on the Missouri

We can only assume that the theme for this year’s festival — Magic on the Missouri — was inspired by the magical feeling of walking the streets surrounded by stands full of beautiful art. This completely free festival hosts over 150 independent artisans and artists, assuring that there’s something for everyone.

There are just two things you can spend money on during the festival. The first is food from the stands, but you were probably already planning on eating at some time during the day. The second is works of art from the vendors we previously mentioned.

This three-day festival takes place on the third weekend of August, spanning from the sixteenth to the eighteenth. That ensures visitors will have a chance to walk the streets of Yankton in the pleasant summer weather.

Those that prefer music over visual arts will find their place as well, as the festival hosts non-stop musical performances. Of course, you don’t need to be an art connoisseur to enjoy the Yankton Riverboat Days. There’s a multitude of family activities you can immerse yourselves into, as well as both a road and kayak race.

And we haven’t forgotten one of the main draws to the festival — the Grand parade that’s held on Saturday morning. With such a broad scope of activities available to everyone, it’s no wonder over 100,000 people end up roaming the streets of Yankton each year.The full list of events can be found here, and can’t possibly be covered by a single article. So don’t hesitate, we’re eager to see you on Levee Street in Yankton.

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