Losing Weight in a Non-Invasive Way: Red Light Body Toning

Rapid City, South Dakota — Losing weight and preserving a healthy style of living may represent quite a challenge for the vast majority of people. In such situations, individuals who struggle with extra pounds often tend to consider invasive approaches, such as weight-loss supplements and reconstructive surgery. Nevertheless, such methods are likely to cause severe health issues and other unwanted secondary effects. Over the past several years, RLT, which stands for red light therapy, has been continuously gaining traction. This way of body toning has such a status because it represents a safe option, as opposed to those involving pills, needles, and scalpels.

The operator and owner of SkinE Spa, located in Rapid City, Voni Savoy, embraced red light therapy in 2014. At the moment, Savoy is offering a form of red light body toning therapy at her spa. The therapy in question is named Contour Light.

According to Savoy, the procedure provides a particular way of losing weight that does not include pain. As stated by her, the results are visible not just in the context of losing weight, but also in terms of skin reparation, tissue healing, and stress relief.

Savoy states that she enjoys the reaction her clients have when she informs them that it is literally possible to sleep through the process of losing weight at SkinE Spa because such claims tend to confuse them. She goes on to say that even though the procedure has nothing to do with magic, the technology is quite magical.

In the process of the treatment, clients lie down and relax on a massage table and have LED light panels placed on their body. The lights are set to 635–680 nm (nanometers), in order to imitate a wide range of natural boons of sunlight, excluding the harmful UVA/UVB rays. According to Savoy, her clients customarily lose 1–3 inches by the end of their first treatment. Savoy claims that one can go 1–2 dress sizes down once the first set of treatments is over.

Red light therapy operates by applying particular wavelengths of light which go through the skin, stimulating the activity of cells. The biochemical influence includes enhancing the production of collagen, nutrient and oxygen delivery, and finally, modifying fat cells.

According to Savoy, it takes twenty minutes for the light energy to go through the skin and into fat cells. Subsequently, the exposure to red light stimulates them and creates small temporary pores in their membranes. She continues by saying that the creation of those pores enables the escape of the cell content, which includes water, fatty acids, and glycerol. The content then gets released into the interstitial section of a person’s body. Ultimately, the process results in the decreasement of fat cells. Savoy compared the process to a grape shrinking to a raisin.

As claimed by Savoy, everyone willing to try red light therapy ought to consider the fact that some red light machines operate considerably better than others. Those that are likely to give the best results sit as close to a person’s skin as possible. Savoy states that is the optimal way of the therapy administration. Her own equipment involves flexible pads that get applied around a person’s body and a face and neck mask as well.

Savoy states that her equipment generates up to 100 times more light energy in comparison to other machines at the same 635 nm wavelength. Namely, the Contour Light represents a treatment for the entire body, whereas other machines cover solely one of its segments at a time.

Savoy adds that the Contour Light significantly differs from red light therapy beds, that greatly resemble tanning beds.

She further commented on red light therapy beds by saying that they represent another form of red light therapy technology, the one to which consumers are more and more accustomed. Savoy explains that such beds utilize a red wavelength of light of a low level with the purpose of efficiently treating skin conditions, such as acne and wrinkles, in addition to hair loss and other conditions. However, what they lack is the possibility to go deep through a person’s skin, thus dissolving subcutaneous fat, which is what the Contour Light, along with other body toning machines set to 635 nm does.

According to Savoy, the combination of various treatments tends to offer the best possible results to her clients. During a typical session, Savoy incorporates FormoStar, in addition to the Contour Light. The prior is a piece of equipment that targets certain areas of a person’s body by issuing infrared heat. Subsequently, it influences weight loss and the reduction of cellulite.

Savoy states that the infrared body wrap triggers weight loss and dissolves cellulite pockets, ultimately smoothing a person’s skin by reducing the “cottage cheese” appearance. Afterward, the red light therapy opens fat cells, eventually resulting in a fast, easy, and safe fat emulsion.

According to Savoy, one of the most prominent benefits of therapies based on light, such as the Contour Light and FormoStar, mirrors in their ability to offer all the effects safely and without pain. Additionally, a relaxing environment contributes to stress relief.

Savoy continues by stating that the procedure is safe, painless, and effective, as well as more economical in comparison to other body toning treatments. She says that she takes pride in the fact that she has managed to help numerous women and men improve not just their appearance, but their health in general as well by applying red light body toning treatment. Savoy concludes by saying that she is happy about being able to help people and that she is looking forward to welcoming new clients in the Black Hills.

If you are interested in SkinE Spa, situated in downtown Rapid City, and the complete list of services Voni Savoy offers, you can visit her official website and gather all the information you need.

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