State Fire Marshal Says Make Sure to Stay Safe

As Independence Day approaches, we must not forget about safety measures regarding fireworks. South Dakota’s Fire Marshal advised taking precautions.

July 4

July Fourth can not be imagined, nor it will be complete without fireworks. To keep the spirit of the holiday alive and for all to end well, we have to stay focused on some of the safety elements. Every year, nationwide, people or children end hurt or dead due to improper or incompetent use of fireworks.

Fire Marshal Paul Merriman says that, if fireworks are not handled properly, they can cause serious damage to the user or their surroundings. They can even become deadly. He warned everyone to be sure to follow the instructions and local regulations regarding fireworks.

Last week fireworks came into the local stores. Purchase is free until July 5. It is legal to light fireworks up to July 7.

Safety Tips

Recent higher temperatures increase the chances of fire started by fireworks, so the users should be aware of weather conditions. Also, they should not use fireworks around buildings and people.

Some of the tips from Merriman’s office are to:

  • Follow the instructions.
  • Keep a source of water nearby.
  • Avoid places where the fire can start.
  • Be careful since sparkles can inflict burns.

In the same manner, Fire Marshal encouraged people to consider a visit to a professional fireworks display that would take place in a safe environment, instead of personal lightning fireworks.

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