Sioux Falls Jazz Festival — Dancing in the Dark

The 28th annual Jazz and Blues Festival in Sioux Falls will be held on July 19–20, 2019 at Yankton Trail Park. But will there be light? Read more.

Dancing in the Dark

The latest victim of the still-lasting effects of spring floods is a two-day Jazz and Blues Festival in Sioux Falls, better known as JazzFest.

This year, according to the words of executive director Trygve Frederickson, they were facing some difficulties and new challenges.

Due to spring and winter floods, the park’s electrical system was damaged, and crews haven’t been able to finish all the repairs of the lighting systems.

Although the generators are provided and will support portable lightning, visitors are advised to bring at least a flashlight.

Organizers are also steering a lineup change. The headliners for Saturday night were supposed to be “Here Come the Mummies.” However, the band was forced to cancel because of an accident that occurred.

Frederickson said that there would be no gaps and that this was the opportunity for some great local artists.


Just as a reminder, JazzFest is a fundraiser for non-profit Sioux Jazz & Blues organization. It raises money by selling beverages and donations during the festival.

The focus of this organization is on music education in schools, hosting music camps, and contributing to opportunities for South Dakota Fine Arts Students.

It brings around 100 thousand visitors to Yankton Trail Park annually for two days filled with music and fun.

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