The Fourth of July in the Black Hills in 2020

The most significant part of the American tradition is decided to be celebrated in the Black Hills in 2020, providing visitors with two days of exciting activities.

Independence Day Celebration at Mount Rushmore

This celebration was meant to be held in July 2019; however, organizers announced that it would need to be postponed for the next year since the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is currently under construction.

The citizens were extremely disappointed since this celebration is held every year during the 3rd and 4th of July, and this is when the whole town is involved in the celebration. From the Flag Folding Ceremony, Veterans’ recognition to monument lighting ending up with amazing fireworks, at least that was the case a decade ago.

However, the authorities announced that Mount Rushmore is too fragile at the moment to hold a fireworks celebration and risk damaging the forest. This is why this celebration has been postponed, and the Black Hills underwent significant reconstruction in a recent couple of years.

Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, was excited to announce that the construction will be finished and that the visitors can expect Independence Day 2020 to be the best so far, including the fireworks show.

She added that this kind of events are unique and special to the citizens since they celebrate the Nation’s founding fathers and encourage the spirit of democracy for the international audience.

According to her, there is no more appropriate place to celebrate Independence Day and the democratic spirit than the national monument they were trying to reconstruct over the last few years.

In Tuesday’s new release she stressed that the whole state is excited to see such event taking place after many years of break. She said that this tradition was broadcasted around the globe, and the entire world used to enjoy this spectacle.

During 2009, there were some concerns about the pine beetle infestation, and that resulted in the 4th July event taking a break. Since then, the forest has been restored, and pyrotechnics is much safer these days, she stated.

Lastly, she added that the local agencies and authorities would be fully committed to organizing this event properly so visitors can look forward to 4th of July ceremonial activities in 2020.

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