South Dakota Reacts to Abortion Bans

So far, as many as eight US states passed specific bills to restrict women’s right and access to abortion. Numerous protesters and human rights activists are now defying these bills that have evolved into laws.

Are Women Losing Their Rights?

Certain lawmakers seem to be trying hard to take away basic women’s rights from them. Even though abortion is officially legal, some state legislators are eager to restrict and outlaw it.

Back in 2006, South Dakota saw some state laws that tried to prohibit abortion. Specific bills demanded a total prohibition of abortion. Luckily, reactions to the measures were harsh, and abortion remained protected and legal.

The state of Alabama has become one of the leading states to fight abortion. Sadly, other states are slowly beginning to accept their views. What’s more, both Alabama and Missouri do not take cases of rape or incest as reason enough for abortion.

It is incredibly devastating that 21st-century people still react negatively to abortion. Dale Bartscher, an Executive Director at South Dakota Right to Life, praises Alabama’s decision to ban abortion, on the pretext that abortion is “a crime against humanity.” The organization claims to be fighting to protect an individual’s life. Bartscher further explains that the future of humanity depends solely on newborns. He alleges that more than 60 million newborns are killed in their mother’s wombs. This is the fact he finds somewhat overwhelming.

Even though he is confident that the organization is winning the war, many claim it is up to women to make the final decision. Kristin Hayward, the Planned Parenthood Manager of Advocacy and Development, highlights that it is women themselves who should decide what to do with their bodies.

Abortion Procedures

In the state of South Dakota, if a woman wants to undergo an abortion, she has to wait for 72 hours before all the procedures are completed. According to Haywards, this may put a lot of pressure on them, primarily if their decision is definite. She argues that abortion should stay legal, as illegal abortion procedures may fatally endanger the life of both mothers and babies.

The fact that the entire state of South Dakota has only one clinic that provides abortion procedures is exceptionally devastating. The clinic is located in Sioux Falls at Planned Parenthood. According to Haywards, this is because state legislators are abolishing pro-abortion options. She also claims that the primary legislators’ goal is to reach the Supreme Court and overturn Roe v. Wade.

Are Basic Rights Jeopardized?

Back in 1973, the Supreme Court case Roe versus Wade allowed abortion. However, it was jeopardized by current legislators, such as Brett Kavanaugh or the US President himself. The fact that 25 men who came up with this menacing law that restricts women’s rights to do what they feel is right is exceptionally unfavorable. Certain people like Bartscher believe that it is not solely women’s issue to make decisions on their own. What’s more, he argues that men should be involved as well. He claims that this problem is actually gender neutral.

Luckily, abortion is not entirely illegal. Women are allowed to undergo procedures in particular clinics, even in the states where abortion is prohibited. Libby Skarin, the Policy Director at the American Civil Liberties Union of South Dakota (ACLU), states that decisions on abortion should be limited to women solely. She alleges that those are related to their own privacy. She also claims that specific anti-abortion measures are an attempt to intimidate women. Finally, she added that politicians and legislators should not interfere in the patient-doctor relationships, as they are protected by the US laws and constitution.

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