North Sioux Dancers Made Top 10 at Dance World Competition

The 5678! Dance Studio from North Sioux finished fourth place in their category at the All-Star Federation Dance World Competition with a coed jazz act. Read on to find out more.

High School Dancers Won 4th place

Haley Hutton, the instructor at the 5678! Dance Studio, assembled a group of high school dancers and challenged them with a strenuous jazz routine. This group of 16 dancers was excited to visit the U.S. All Star Federation Dance Worlds Competition held between April 27–29, in Orlando, Florida. This excitement was well-justified since, according to Hutton, this is the fourth year that the studio earned the right to compete among the best dancers from around the globe.

However, this is the first time that the studio offered two teams: senior contemporary dancers, aged 14 to 18, and an open coed jazz team made from dancers, aged 14 to 18+. Both teams did well, the senior team was placed 10th, while the open group got the fantastic 4th place!

The ninth-grader, Audrey Hoekstra, stated that it was exhilarating to see dancers from around the globe performing different sets of routines. It was Audrey’s first time at this global competition, while some members of the team were more experienced. One of the dancers, Molly Saltzman, stated that this was her fourth trip to this event, and the main thing she learned was that focus is the key to winning.

Freddie Linden, a 10th grader from Dakota Valley High School, said that his primary impression was seeing other male performers dance. He is the only male member of the team and what is interesting about this contestant is that he actually had to sue the South Dakota High School Activities Association for approval to become a member of this dance team. During 2018, this association allowed both male and female members to take part in competitive dancing. However, this was eventually overturned, prohibiting mixed-gender groups.

Brooklyn Mace, an 11th grader, talked about the exhausting seasons dancers have. According to her, dancers don’t have seasonal breaks, actually, their season never ends. They are allowed to take a few weeks off, but the rest of their time has to be committed to practicing.

Heelan Molly Saltzman started with dancing at the age of 2, and she states that dancing taught her discipline and confidence she needed.

Their teacher states that these things are all crucial in the development and the success of dancers. According to her, students are more than willing to come five days a week in order to excel and get the right to be recognized in the competitive world of dancing.

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