Arc of Dreams Coming True in Downtown Sioux Falls

The first installment of Sioux Falls newest sculpture is happening in June 2019, and it will completely change the landscape of this town. Read on for more.

Arc of Dreams Arrives in Sioux Falls

This fantastic six-stories metal sculpture was made in the course of 6 years in Denver, and it has finally arrived at its destination. In the next couple of weeks, this sculpture will finally be installed and will span the length of a football field.

The artist responsible for this accomplishment is a South Dakota artist Dale Lamphere who is putting the final touches at the moment at his home in Sturgis. This sculpture is a brainchild of a group of men who had one idea in mind, and that was to give their hometown something special.

Until Jim Clark from the Sculpture’s Walk presented the importance of this project, the authorities were not aware of just how substantial this project is for their town. According to him, this engineering marvel was an excellent idea, and he is thrilled that they managed to make it possible.

The project started six years ago, and since then, it has undergone significant design changes. Also, it had to pass four wind tests in order to make sure that the sculpture will remain stable. Clark emphasized that this six-stories sculpture is more than a work of art.

In the last couple of days, anchors have been installed, and even though the installment is far from finished, the residents are fascinated with this excellent piece of engineering. The Arc itself will span the Big Sioux River and will be placed near the Cherapa Place.

Clark stated that the Arc of Dreams should have been installed two years ago; however, they wanted to reach perfection. They put their trust in Dale’s vision and chose not to rush it.

He also stated that this project was fully funded by fundraising events, and he wanted to emphasize that no tax dollars were included in the realization of this project. The whole idea was to improve their city, so he assembled a team of people who could push it through and find a way to fund such an innovative project.

According to Clark, five years of sleepless nights were utterly worth their final goal. He said that their faith in this project and its high quality was what got them through, and soon after this project started — there was no turning back.

Shortly after, nearly 600 individuals decided to help, and that includes couples and families that wanted something special for their city. In appreciation to their commitment, Clark stated that their names would be engraved onto steel plates on the sculpture.

As he said, this support was what made this project possible. This community is looking forward to exhibiting this crown jewel of Sioux Falls in June 2019.

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